Monday, November 5, 2012


I remember a lot of things about my childhood.  One thing I do not remember is wearing my Halloween costume multiple times for multiple Halloween festivities.  Ours started this year on Friday night when we went to a Halloween themed birthday party.  Next was Sunday.  We went to Mr. Greg and Ms. Lindsey's church for their fall festival and trunk r treat.  I took this picture right before we left.  Rece decided instead of wearing his Hulk costume he wanted to wear a super cute alligator costume that we borrowed from Aunt Diane.  Sammy decided that instead of wearing his Power Ranger costume, he would wear Rece's Hulk costume.  Anna Beth LOVES her ballerina costume- no changing her mind.  But...she was already cold and that was just the beginning. 

This is what happens when I say "move in closer and put your arms around each other".

  he a frog or an alligator???


Cutest alligator ever!!

Ms. Lindsey had the coolest car!  Looking back at this picture, Rece looks so tired- He had a yucky tummy bug for several days after this.  Poor gator!

The Hulk playing putt putt

Ballerina playing putt putt

This craks me up!  You can't see Rece's face so it looks like Brian is helping a little alligator play putt putt.

Rece wore his costume to school on Tuesday, but I had to pick him up early because he wasn't feeling well.  He was feeling better on Wednesday so we let him go trick r treating (at a safe distance to not share any germs!) AB and Sammy got to wear their costumes to school too.  So, counting the birthday party, trunk r treat, school and Halloween night- they got to dress up FOUR times!!  I'd say thats a pretty good Halloween!

So glad that my kids have such a fun daddy who plays and acts silly with them.

I love this picture of the kids trick r treating.
Now..on to the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays!!!!

XOXOXO The Billings